The Missouri Trout Fishermen's Association - Springfield Chapter was formed in 1972 to serve all fishermen in the Springfield area. Beginners and experts alike will find fellowship, a resource to area fishing opportunities and meet with individuals sharing a common interest. If you're looking for a fly fishing club that shares its interests in fly tying, fly fishing for trout, white bass and other species. Please take time to check us out.

We get involved with programs aimed at teaching youth and adults. Programs that instruct fly casting to individuals, assist with fly tying and help to identify insects in/on the stream. Our intent is to help beginners get started on the water and enjoy the passion of fly fishing.

If you have an interest for fly fishing, fly tying or just enjoy the outdoors. Consider getting involved with any local fly fishing club to expand your knowledge and gain a greater appreciation for the opportunities Missouri can offer. By getting involved, you will be supporting the Missouri Department of Conservation, Federation of Fly fishers and Conservation Federation of Missouri, a voice will be heard to continue the on going conservation efforts for our children, and their children in the future. Thank you for your interest in fly fishing in the Ozarks.